12 agosto 2013

Poetry is an apostolic message 
that dominates the hate confinements,
it conducts to the destination and on the platform
and with the sweet sound and sweet charm
it plays solemn music notes again
it opens perennial life paths.
Poetry is life that clears us
hidden ability of knowing
that can never make to keep silent
because it challenges the arcane confinements
and it is science, culture and art
that can never stays aloof.
Poetry is transparency over the horizon
interior relax, humour… 
it discloses something of mysticism
and it is subject that cannot be taught
neither can be studied it
it is dowry of whom is able to love.
Poetry is a soul expression
and in its twisted ornaments
it transmits the feeling depth
and it gathers of sky the whole blue
to carve the walls of the heart
and to reverberate profuse shines of love.

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